Why the Blog Not?

Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. It’s all the same right? Nope. It’s hard. Like real hard. I’ve had diaries as a child (the ones that use ‘voice recognition’ to unlock itself), I’ve had journals as a young adult. So as I’m sitting here in the quiet of my home, (My kids are napping. More on them later.) I decided I might as well start a blog. The word blog just sounds…unnatural. When I say the word, it sounds like a science fiction slimy, gak covered frog, and gives me anxiety quite honestly. What if I’m not clever or funny enough? What if I’m just boring? What if nobody reads my stories? I’ll still post them I guess. Which bring me to my last point. If you decide to read my stories, you will find out how funny my kids are (3 plus 1…2 girls, 2 boys), how crazy my husband is (and good looking), recipes I like, and my own personal vents. What’s the worst that could happen right? 🙂


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